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If You are Redirected Here Automatically Then you must be wondering why that happened that’s because you are using some sort of adblocker that’s understandable we don’t like annoying ads as well but how we can supposed to run a website without any funds Consider Donating Us So We can remove ads and make our user experience great and if you still wanna continue you can go ahead pause the ad blocker for this website then you will be able to access Dashboard Again 🙂

Update – If We Reach Monthly Goal Every Month This Service Will Continue 🙂

May Goal 50$ :-[5$ Reached]:-

arvit varfaj⭐⭐9.47$I hope the service will continue
Fujimoto​ Takeshi⭐5$Good service, thank you!
James Staten⭐3$
Tomasz Stobiński⭐1$
May Goal 50$
Jad Moussa⭐19$Thank you for your service!
邹 亚伦(Zouyalun)⭐10$
Paul Butler⭐5$Freedb – Don’t Give up!
Jocieldo Nascimento ⭐5$
Arvit Varfaj⭐ 5$I really hope it continues as a service
APRIL Goal 60$ CONTRIBUTORS [Reached 44$]

[I Really Wanna Thank You Guys Who Is Helping Us In Continuing this Website Thank You So Much And Your❤️ Feedbacks Just Make My Day]

Greeting FreeDB Users,

Its been a year since we launched our free database service it was quite a journey some time things went wrong most of the time it went wrong I accept of course it was my first project 🙂 but we have always tried our best to provide you good service but things aren’t well for us lately

I have received lots and lots of feedback from you guys on how freedb is helping you in your projects and learning sometimes it meant the world to me it felt so good to know my service is really helping someone that much but as a student, I am not able to make any revenue out of it not even to manage the expense of server I have tried Adsense but I realized it’s just ruining the user experience and not much of help So after a lot of thinking I have come to a conclusion

Dated 1 July 2021 will be our Last Day

We Strongly Advise Our Users To Take The Backup of Their Database by logging in to Phpmyadmin Panel

I Really wanna thank you guys for feedback it really meant alot to me we will come back some day better than before but till then

Have a Good Day!


FreeDB Support

25 thoughts on “Farewell FreeDB”

  1. Im just sad i just found out about this wonderful free service, wouldve loved to use it more! Good Luck in the future!

  2. I am really sad to hear that this website is shutting down
    freedb.tech really helped me a lot as a student and it still help me
    I really wish you change ur mind and u keep this wonderful website Up 🙁

  3. Hi I’m so sorry to hear that Free DB will be shutting down soon… but I wonder if, through monthly fundraising at our school, we could help you continue running the service (I’m still planning it out and talking to teachers, and I also left my email so please feel free to contact me if you’d like). Really appreciate your service!

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