Database For Game Servers

Q) Can you use Freedb Mysql Datbase Service for your dedicated game server ?

A) Well you absolutely can we have enabled remote MySQL access so you don’t have to worry about connections from as long your database size is at a limit and you are following our terms and conditions you are good to go

You Can User Our Database in Counter-Strike Dedicated Servers With The Help of Sourcemod /


Sourcemod Template :

        "host"              ""
        "database"          "freedbtech_sourcemod"
        "user"              "freedbtech_sourcemoduser"
        "pass"              "freedbisthebest"

        "port"            "3306"

Amx Mod X Template:

amx_sql_host    ""
amx_sql_user    "freedbtech_amxmodx"
amx_sql_pass    "freedbisthebest"
amx_sql_db        "freedbtech_amxmodxuser"
amx_sql_table    "admins"
amx_sql_type    "mysql" 

Thanks For Trying to log in with these database credentials don’t worry if you weren’t able to log in you can just get these working details by signing up at

it doesn’t matter which game you are using our MySQL database with it can be any game like Minecraft or counter-strike as long your game supports MySQL you are good

All of the games which has mysql support only requires these details :

      host = “”;
        port = “3306”;
        database = “freedbtech_anygame”;
        username = “freedbtech_anygameuser”;
        password = “freedbisbest”;    

and with freedb everything is so easy to setup right ?

if you have any question regarding our service or facing any issue feel free to drop us an email at

Have a Nice Day!

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