Welcome to FreeDB V2

So here we are back again? Yes Indeed I was overwhelmed by your responses on shutting down FreeDB

I had to bring it back anyhow But this time we had to put a few boundaries/limitations on our Free Service

I know FreeDB was known for no Limits but no worries this prevention is just for our safety to keep abusers away

You can always open a support ticket explaining your usage I will respond to you back in 48 hours updating your status

We will be really glad if you can support us by donating little amounts that will help our service run smoothly

There are a few changes you should know on FreeDB V2 :

  • MySQL Connections Limit
  • Queries Limit
  • Database Storage Limit
  • MySQL Version 8.0
  • Support Ticket System
  • Pro / Managed Hosting Plans(Charged)
  • Additional Server Support(Charged)

Hell Yes, we have upgraded our MySQL Version, as 5.7 was quite old we have upgraded to 8.0 As it was requested by many users earlier on

After Exceeding Limits, your database will be removed automatically without any backup/warning so keep an eye on your database storage, or for safety, you can opt for our Pro Plans.

Let’s Hear More From Our Paid Plans:


With Pro Plan, You will be getting your own MySQL Server with your desired version you will have complete control over it with master credentials you can ask us to make the modification of the configuration or do it yourself

This Plan will be recommend to

Huge Thanks to Logrocket for the shoutout on their blog Much Appreciated

You can take a read why not learn something new?

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