Software to Access MySQL Database Remotely

There are multiple tools out there to access SQL databases remotely At FreeDB we have two options to access your database just through a web interface


PhpMyAdmin is Web Interface written in PHP to administer databases and tables. You can use PhpMyAdmin to create a database and its user’s accounts.

FreeDB PhpMyAdmin:

Enter the Host and User Credentials from FreeDB Database Panel and you will be redirected to PhpMyAdmin


Adminer is previously known as PhpMinAdmin yeah you can call it as Mini Version of PhpMyAdmin.

It’s lightweight and quite simple to use & manage you can easily create database and user accounts.

Adminer PhpMyAdminer:

You are not limited to only these two web interfaces options there are multiple options out there

Let’s talk about Mysql Workbench which is quite popular for managing databases


MySQL Workbench is a Unified GUI Tool to Manage and Administer Databases

Workbench is more than an Administration tool it’s packed with Additional Lot Features

Workbench Download:

Get Your Credentials from FreeDB Dashboard

Put all your credentials in MySQL Workbench New Connection as follows

And you are done you can test your connection

That’s all I have for you now

Feel Free to reach out to us if you have questions or issues